Maud Clavier


She creates her structure in 2014, Clap & Zap Production, which specializes especially in a booming industry: the immersive cinema.

Alongside this activity, Maud rides a screenwriters pool.

President and co-founder of Clap & Zap Production since its inception July 10, 2014, Maud Clavier was born November 19, 1986 in Bayonne.

At the mercy of business trips from her parents, she lives seven years in Qatar, six years in Compiegne, six years in Gabon and two years in Australia.

Initiated in the theater at the college, it is with her sister, Julie Clavier, she began making amateur films from the age of thirteen, developing his desire to become an actress and director.Graduated with a Master 2 in Arts Show option Theater , she began her career in broadcasting shows, project management, coordination of events around cinema and at the same time, as an actress and acting coach.

She quickly written, but mostly she launched into production.She therefore creates her structure in 2014 with Charles-Henri Marraud Des Grottes, Clap & Zap Production, which specializes in a growing industry: Virtual Reality.