Raphael Thys

Raphael Thys sees himself as a pragmatic optimist. So is his lecture about future.

Neither guru nor prophet Raphael Thys depicts realistically predictions and possibilities on what is likely to change or emerge in our lives in a near timeframe.

Using numerous sources of information, he takes us on an insightful journey through the past and the present to point the likelihood of future events.

Doing so he interestingly notes that advocates of apocalyptic and utopian visions of the future provide both documented and credible data. Future can’t be more open. Exponential calculation applied to socio-economics trends, thoughts of honourable futurists (bestseller’s author Alvin Toffler), Maslow’s pyramid revisited through the lens of consumerism, disruptive economic theories (‘The economy of attention’ of Georg Franck, ‘Doughnut economics’ of Kate Raworth)…

The lecturer explores many facets helping us to understand what is shaping and influencing our future.

The result is a mash-up of trends all presented in a synthetic way.

But Raphaël Thys doesn’t only provide a panoramic view of different possible futures. He also questions us asking which one we would rather prefer to live. Additionally, he provides some toolboxes, patterns and food for thought to help us to embrace positively the future.

Because as said previously, Raphaël Thys isn’t only pragmatic. He’s also optimist.

Professionnal path

Raphaël Thys is teacher and speaker at Brussels Solvay School, IHECS Academy, Bruxelles Formation and at the European Communication School. He is teaching futurology, digital transformation and user experience. Active as consultant in the digital sector for more than 20 years he is with Laurent Bouty and Steffen Vander Mynsbrugge the co-founder of the agency The Beyonders.


The day I realised I will live in the Sci Fi Future

My childhood happened in the seventies, at that time year 2000 was our future's horizon.

All our future's conception were warped around techno utopia : space travel, flying cars, computers, lycra suits, food pills...

When I was around 9 years old, I started being able to project myself in time and I realised that I will have 27 years old in the year 2000.

My head started to spin, I was totally stunned by this idea. My adult life would happen in the sci fi fantasied future!

Content jockey

I'm reusing, ordering, remixing contents found during curation to source my researches and creating my version, interpretation of the story. I used to be DJ for several years, now I'm a CJ.



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