The Simplest Start to AR: An Extremely Profitable Skill | by Nina Nolen | Dec, 2021 | Medium

Do you want to learn a skill that can make you some real money?! Well how about we get you started with AR right now! We are currently in the Digital Age. Our everyday interactions are more dependent on technology than ever before! Technology has changed the world completely, and now we are transcending the bounds of reality with augmented realities!

Reality Kit was developed by Apple and is a simple way to create 3D objects for AR experiences. Learning RealityKit will make you a marketable asset in the world of tech. It allows you to create 3D models in the same program that you use to create your app(Xcode). This makes it easier in the long run, because you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or necessary updates, when using the models in your code. Reality Kit updates when Xcode does! Learning the software now, can make you millions in the future if utilized properly and practiced often.

System Requirements

  • macOS Monterey 12.0 or later
  • Xcode 13 beta
  • 8gb Ram (Recommended )
  • IOS 13 or later

How to Take Pictures of Your Object

Use your iPhone to take HD photos of a SINGLE object. Keep the background neutral . Do not move the camera position, just rotate the model a small amount and then take pictures until the model makes a full 360. (simple models should have at least 15 pictures). Get all the sides of the model. Save all the photos in one folder . (3D scanning softwares exists, but they are all third party softwares. Apple has reality composer on the app store, but it is not a 3d scanning app. Reality composer adds behaviors to your 3D models. Using Apple software throughout the 3D modeling process helps limit compatibility issues when utilizing the model in Xcode for your app.)

How to Create the 3D Model With Photos of Your Object

Go to the website creating_a_photogrammetry_command-line_app and download the project that Apple provides to build the 3D model.


Open the project and enter a team and signing certificate


Click on the the main project and then archive it


A new window will open up after the archive loads. Select distribute content and then select built products. You will be asked to name the project and then save it.


(For this last step you will need to type some code, but this is the only code you need to type to create the 3D model. Everything else is done for you and it isn’t a lot of code. I will show a sample code.)

Open the Xcode file that we first downloaded. At the very end of the project where it says HelloPhotogrammetry.main Enter the input and output folders’ locations . Also enter the detail, sample overlap, sample ordering and feature sensitivity. (The input folder has the pictures of your model, and the output folder was just saved. You can find the folders’ locations by right clicking on the folder or clicking with two fingers on your trackpad and selecting get info. )


this picture gives a detailed description of the code you have to enter

Here is an example of how the string should be formatted and where it should be placed.


Example of the code that is needed from you. Just change the folder locations to match yours.

Run the Xcode project and a 3D object will save to the new folder you created on your desktop. (It can take some time for the object to be created)


We all want to make money. In order to make money we have to make ourselves marketable. AR is creating a massive shift in our everyday interactions. When you dive into the world of AR, the opportunities are endless, and with enough practice you can create meaningful user friendly applications. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that we can create it and reshape it by our actions from today. With technology the possibilities are endless, literally. ( ) the link listed gives a step by step representation of how to use RealityKit if you need more help.