Russia to Use Artificial Intelligence and Extravehicular Robots in Its New Space Station


Roscosmos will be utilizing AI and robotics technology in its new orbital station.

Russia, in a recent announcement, has stated that it will be operating its new AI and autonomously built extravehicular robots in its space station. Roscosmos will be utilizing robotics in its new orbital station. In combination with the Zeus nuclear-powered space tug, this station will be serving as a vital prototype for future projects and systems for lengthy inter-planetary flights. With this implementation, the efficiency factor of the station will be several orders of magnitude higher than that of the International Space Station.

The Russian space agency will also be aiming to develop the new space station with high-tech instrumentation and higher efficiency factor than the current ISS. It is also reported that Roscosmos will start working on the most expected Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS) in the coming years. This station will consist of an entirely new generation of orbital modules. It will also feature open architecture and several other modules that will replace the existing ones. The new station of Roscosmos with artificial intelligence elements will be demonstrating the intelligence of the highest level. It will be the most developed and one of the best space stations among others.