Hopkin to use Artificial Intelligence to promote Healthy Aging


Johns Hopkins gets the grant to use artificial intelligence to promote healthy aging. The National Institute of Aging has allocated over $20 to Hopkin for them to execute their plans to promote healthy aging.

This new development will considerably help in providing a better lifestyle and living experience to senior citizens. John Hopkin will use the allocated funds over five years to build an AI and technology collaboratory (AITC).

The new collaboratory will have members from the Johns Hopkins University schools of medicine and nursing, the Whiting School of Engineering, and the Carey Business School. The collaboratory will also have members from various industries, senior citizens of the country, and technology developers.

Rama Chellappa, a Bloomberg distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Peter Abadir said, “This new enterprise is attempting to disrupt these problems in ways that will lengthen the years that people have to enjoy independent, highly functional lives, free of cognitive impairment.”

He further added that there are numerous aged citizens who suffer from multiple health issues and have functional and cognitive declines that restrict them from living an independent life for a long time.

“The excitement is that our work can help physicians use the technology as markers for measuring the evolution of age-related diseases, like dementia and Alzheimer’s, and predicting falls using patterns and behaviors of older adults,” added Chellappa.

She also mentioned that predicting behaviors and understanding how individuals age is an arduous task. Many experts believe that this new initiative will help in drastically reducing the total number of deaths in those 65 and older.

However, the success and reach of this newly launched initiative will depend upon how citizens choose to adopt and use the AI-powered technology.