Crypto pioneer Justin Sun plans $28m space flight with Blue Origin


Tron founder Justin Sun is planning to pay for five crew members to accompany him on his Blue Origin space trip next year.

Justin Sun, the founder of crypto project Tron, has revealed he bagged a spot to fly into space with Bezos-owned Blue Origin at an auction.

Sun confirmed himself to be the anonymous bidder who forked out $28m in an auction for a seat to join Bezos aboard Blue Origin’s first crewed mission in July – a trip he was unable to make because of a scheduling clash according to Coin Desk.

In a tweet Sun revealed that he would select five crew members to accompany him into space when he reschedules the trip.

“I won the auction 6 months ago but missed the launch. However, this did not stop my love for space,” Sun revealed in a Tweet. “Going to space has been a dream of mine since my childhood, and it is also the future direction of humankind,” he added.

Sun last week announced his appointment as Grenada’s representative to the World Trade Organization. He intends to bring the flag of the Caribbean nation with him on his space trip.

The postponed space flight with Bezos is not the first time Sun has missed out on a celebrity meeting won in an auction. Sun won an auction to have lunch with Warren Buffett in $4.6m in 2019, but reportedly had to reschedule because he was suffering from kidney stones.

Billionaire entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have popularised commercial space flights as a past time for ultra wealthy individuals.