Claytex debuts autonomous vehicle simulation suite | Autonomous Vehicle International


A next-generation AV simulation solution claims to break boundaries in the virtual development of vehicles. The tool, AVSandbox, builds on Claytex’s seven years of experience in working with full-motion driving simulators for F1 and NASCAR.

“With simulation, we can put autonomous vehicles into all types of edge cases – high-risk situations – to see what they’ll do, how they’ll handle it,” commented Mike Dempsey, managing director at Claytex, a Technia company. “We have to have the simulation technology that allows us to fully immerse the autonomous vehicle, with all its sensor suite, into these complex environments. It’s this type of testing that we’re using within the D-Risk project to help create a virtual driving test for AVs.”

Magnus Falkman, CEO at Technia, said, “The advances in, and number of, autonomous vehicles are projected to increase steadily in the coming years. To prepare for the future of safer and more sustainable mobility, we have to get a better understanding of the ethical issues and legal regulations that are still in development. The only viable way to do this is through the advanced simulation of autonomous vehicles.”

The team at AVSandbox has strong ties with government regulatory bodies and is working closely with them to identify the standards that will shape international autonomous vehicle legislation.